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Geotube® Dewatering Containers are central to our dewatering operation.  They are a unique, simple and cost effective option to dewater sludge, fine grain silts and slurries.




Our skid mounted polymer dosing units are set up to dose the pumped sludge material to Geotube® dewatering containers. The solid material is retained within the Geotube® to dry over an extended period. The filtrate returns to the pond to restore its treatment capacity. Alternatively, it can be irrigated to land if permitted.

The Geotube® dewatering system is contained within a lined bunded area to ensure all pumped material is managed and retained to ensure consent compliance.

Geotube® dewatering containers can be deployed while keeping a treatment pond or system on line. Treatment processes need not be interrupted. Odour from the dredged material is effectively diffused and the risk of permit breaches relating to odour is minimised.

The Geotube® size and number is determined after consideration of the volume of sludge to be dewatered, characteristics of the sediment to be removed and the desired pumping rate. Larger Geotube® units offer cheaper dewatering rates per tonne of dry solids removed, and can permit faster removal rates.

For marina sludge dewatering where space is generally limited, the dredged material can be pumped to a distant lay down area for dewatering.

When used to dewater dairy pond waste, the Geotube® system retains most of the N,P,K pumped from the holding pond and the nutrient reduced water that exits the bag can be irrigated to land. The solids retained in the bag dry to spadeable dry matter and can be spread on nearby crops when weather and workloads suit using a standard muck spreader.

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