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Versatile SouthWater

We have two dredges.

  • A manned auger suction dredge. Suitable for larger pond projects. Up to 120 m3/hour.
  • A remote controlled agitator pump dredge. This is a lighter, mobile unit for trailer deployment to smaller and more remote ponds. Up to 80 m3/hour

South Water will deploy either dredge for sediment removal – depending on the size, location and OH&S requirements of the project.

We dredge a wide variety of materials from retention ponds, municipal sludge lagoons, mine basins, ski field ponds, animal waste ponds and small marinas.

The dredges are set up so as to protect pond liners from damage. We use a Doppler portable flow meter to help quantify the number of dry tonne equivalent of sludge removed. This unit is available for independent hire to clients.

Our Australian sister company, South Water Pty Limited, (DSPL) have a number of dredges available as needed, for deployment to NZ projects.

  • A manned Crissafulli ‘Rotomite 6000’ auger suction dredge. Up to 330 m3/hour
  • A remote controlled Crissafulli ‘Flump’ auger suction dredge. Up to 150 m3/hour
  • A remote controlled agitator pump dredge. Up to 120 m3/hour

DSPL dredges and gear are normally resident in NSW, but can easily be deployed in New Zealand. (All of NZ is closer to Sydney than most of Australia)

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