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Slit Treatment

Many construction activities generate silt laden water. The disposal of such water can be a major cause of pollution to nearby waterways. Local regulations now require management of silt flows to avoid pollution. This has become a particularly important compliance issue with the Christchurch rebuild.

Managing larger silt water flows. Southwater own a Siltbuster HB50 – a ‘mobile silt trap’ which can be linked to a polymer dosing system and a Geotube® dewatering unit to treat silt flows in a range of pumping rates and silt densities. Visit; http://www.siltbuster.com/construction/products/clarifiers/hb50

Though a small footprint, the Siltbuster – Geotube® in line system can cope with up to 50 cubic meters/hour. For larger volumes where space is less of an issue, a Geotube® only system can be set up with additional Geotube® container capacity added to cope with increments in flow.

Southwater provides its own polymer or coagulant dosing units if such treatment is required as part of the process.

Managing smaller flows. A low capacity mobile system can be set up on smaller sites to receive and treat silt water flows. A Geotube® container is set up in a standard gantry bin or tandem trailer depending on the flow rates. The dried silt and sand is removed as required. These are low cost options for smaller construction and drainage jobs.

The systems can be provided on a dry hire or fully manned basis, for deployment New Zealand wide.

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