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Sludge Surveys

A detailed pond survey will provide clear evidence of sludge depths in a pond, enabling pond management decisions to be made with sound knowledge and confidence. Sludge removal activity can be planned and budgeted for in a timely manner. Ponds’ biological capacity can be restored and environmental and consent limitations protected.

Southwater offer cost effective surveys anywhere in NZ for;

  • Municipal ponds,
  • Agricultural treatment lagoons (dairy, feedlot and meat processing)
  • Industrial settling ponds
  • Recreational vessel marinas

We prepare a report containing the survey objectives, methodology, analysis, assumptions and findings of the sludge survey work for the client. The report includes;

  • Relevant and accurate data showing the depths and solids concentrations at their measured locations
  • a map presentation depicting the sludge depths across the pond
  • observations and recommendations on the pond and site, if dredging and dewatering is imminent

You can view an example of this survey form here.

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