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We are South Island based specialists in contaminant removal, water treatment and dredging.

Southwater Ltd is South Island-based, family-owned, and we employ reliable and able locals. We are set up for rapid deployment NZ wide. Our H&S systems and compliance to the same are centered on keeping staff and others safe at the varied sites we work on.


With larger clients, we complete their induction process but ensure that the daily basics of toolbox meetings, hazard ID and common sense operational safety are central to each day’s work.

Where we can help


Waterways or groundwater contaminated with the likes of hydrocarbons, silt, asbestos, nutrients, and coal wash with treatment to meet discharge consents. Service stations, building sites, mines, farms, road works, and factories.

Effluent sludge removal and dewatering from agricultural, truck wash, winery, municipal, golf course or industrial ponds.

Determining the volume, location, and nature of sludge in ponds, dams, and waterways.

Design and fabrication of water treatment plants for municipal drinking water supply.

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We maintain valuable relationships with companies who compliment our Southwater service - meaning we can reach out for further solutions for your problem if required.

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