Silt Treatment

Southwater uses portable Siltbuster clarifiers - ‘mobile silt traps’- which can be linked to a polymer dosing system, or a Geotube® dewatering unit to treat silt flows in a range of pump rates and silt densities.


How we do it

We deploy large bags on lay down areas or smaller bag systems that fit skip bins and/or trailers for scaled-down jobs. We work closely with Gold Coast-based PR Power to source a range of mobile wastewater treatment units to remove solids, improve turbidity, treat cement wash solids, and neutralise pH plus, strip remnant hydrocarbons and asbestos. 


We scope the systems to cope with each sites flow and solids and set up semi-automated dosing treatment to ensure a trained operator can meet discharge consents. Southwater stays close to the client to provide consumables, troubleshooting and technology upgrades.

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We maintain valuable relationships with companies who compliment our Southwater service - meaning we can reach out for further solutions for your problem if required.