Plant Sale & Hire

Southwater can hire and sell key items of specialist plant to established clients for one-off smaller scale applications. They include truck wheel wash units, lighting towers, Silt Buster units, flow meters, turbidity meters, skid mounted bag and cartridge filters and dosing units.

How it works

Southwater can provide the following plant for sale or hire. We also provide parts and after sales service for the range.


Refer to individual PDFs for each below;


  • Siltbuster HB20 – to separate silt and contaminants from waste water.

  • Siltbuster HB60 – to separate silt and contaminants from waste water.

  • Roadside Cement Wash. (RCW) – Reduce cement wash water pH from 12 – 13 down to neutral pre discharge.

  • Lighting towers – economical diesel powered lighting towers.

  • Truck wheel wash PR200 – Mobile unit for civil works sites.

  • Truck wheel wash PR220 – Semi unit for civil works sites.


Where polymer treatment is required for Siltbuster units, Southwater can provide custom built, semi-automatic dosing units. 


Here you will find brochures that contain useful information about the plant equipment we hire out and sell.

Feel free to contact us here to discuss any of these units.  




Select from our two capacity Siltbusters - they will strip out silt and contaminants to meet water discharge consents. The HB20 will do this at 20m3 per hour and the HB60 will do this at 60m3 per hour. 


Learn more about our Silt Treatment service here

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Roadside Cement Wash


Reduce your cement wash water from PH 12+ to neutral, to meet discharge consents.  

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Lighting Towers


Increase working hours and safety on site with our LED lighting towers.

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Truck Wheel Wash


Mobile and semi-mobile truck wheel wash units, to ensure your trucks keep the roads clean and meet consent requirements. 

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