Water Treatment

The original New Zealand operation was founded on a 50-50 joint venture between Southwater and Sydney based CRS Water.


Though Southwater is now stand alone, we retain a close relationship with CRS. We brief the CRS team on an NZ clients water treatment requirements.

How we do it

Between us, we can provide potable, industrial and recycled water treatment solutions for the municipal, resource, construction and industrial sectors.


These customized water treatment solutions are generally skid mounted and use a variety of standard technologies set up in sequence to deliver desired outputs.


The technologies used include; particle filtration, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, media filtration, aeration and disinfection to meet DWSNZ or an industrial client's specific standard.

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We maintain valuable relationships with companies who compliment our Southwater service - meaning we can reach out for further solutions for your problem if required.

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