We dredge and pump a wide variety of materials from retention ponds, municipal sludge lagoons, ditches, gas station refits, mine basins, ski field ponds, animal waste ponds and small marinas.


How we do it

We have three dredges.

  • Two manned auger suction dredges. Suitable for larger pond projects.

  • An unmanned (remote control) mobile unit for trailer deployment to smaller and more remote ponds.

The proximity to water plus, the toxic nature of sewage requires a rigorous H&S system and operators that place safety of themselves and others as top priority. Where appropriate we merge our own H&S systems with those of the client.

The dredges are set up to protect pond liners from damage. We use a Doppler portable flow meter to help quantify the number of dry tonne equivalent of sludge removed. This unit is available for independent hire to clients.

A sister company, Dredging Solutions Australia, have two large cutter suction dredges for marina work and available for deployment to NZ projects.

Speak to our friendly team to learn more about our services and how we could help you. 

We maintain valuable relationships with companies who compliment our Southwater service - meaning we can reach out for further solutions for your problem if required.