Onsite Contamination removal

We have an extensive range of products and methodology at our disposal to help you reach or exceed your onsite water discharge consent and safely return the water to the environment. We have worked on sites of all sizes and will use our knowledge and technical expertise to find the right solution for your site.

We maintain valuable relationships with companies who compliment our Southwater service - meaning we can reach out for further solutions for your problem if required.


PURE Filter Sock is an innovative filtration system with significant economic and environmental benefits making it perfect to have on any site.

The Pure Filter Sock is the most simple and economical way of dealing with contaminated water being pumped out of manholes, vaults, sumps, retention ponds, ditches, and more.

It uses multi-stage filtration to remove oil sheen to non-detectable levels and

shows an average 99% TSS removal of particles 1 micron and above

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Plate clarification is an ancient and effective method of removing solids and contaminants from water. Today we use the latest technology with our Siltbuster and inline dosing units to provide the maximum particle settlement with a minimal site footprint.

With lifting hooks, forklift pockets, and starting dimensions of 1.2m x 1m there is a Siltbuster solution for any site no matter what the size or volume.

Dirtboxes and dirt bags are robust options that are capable of retaining solids down to 100 microns depending on the filter size of the bag used. The standard size is usually 5ft square meaning a 25ft square filter surface capable of filtering a water throughput of 85,000 liters per minute.

We can also provide the ‘Dirtbox’ which is a tailor-made tank housing specifically designed to hold the Dirtbag. The ‘Dirtbox’ is much smaller than a traditional settlement tank and will allow operatives to dispose of the Dirtbags easily and safely.

Activated Carbon Skid. Sept 2020.jpg

Our mounted carbon filter skid is an ingenious two-stage water treatment system. 

Using a two-bag system one at 50 microns and one at 10 microns and activated carbon in pressure vessel.  This allows the unit to filter out silt, sand, and debris before the activated carbon Polishing effect removes the ultra-fine particles and odour.

This system is especially effective in stripping out hydrocarbon streams before you discharge.

All of these options and more can be combined to suit your site-specific needs and are available for manned hire, unmanned hire, or purchase.

Southwater will work with you to create a tailored solution that will fit your Discharge consents, water polishing, and flowrate needs through our expert advice and practical know-how.